How and where we began

TredVale camera club was the result of a merger of Tredegar camera club and the Ebbw Vale camera club in September 2020. Declining membership numbers and increased operating costs has forced many clubs across the country to dissolve. The individual members of both clubs are all passionate about photography and sought an alternative solution to keep going . We met like minded people in Ebbw Vale and Tredegar and decided to join forces as we were stronger together.

Ebbw Vale camera club started life in 1965 prompted by a local chemist by the name of Gerwyn Jones. His pharmacy was next door to the Ebbw Vale Literary and Scientific institute. The institute had several night classes already within the facility and the EVCC was found a room to meet and access to the darkroom facility by the warden of the building who was very supportive to the cause.

Soon a dozen local photographers were meeting on a weekly basis, Ray Lippiett and Derek Harding were at the forefront of the club at this time. Membership increased steadily throughout the 1970's and the 1980's, with Jim Holland as Chairman, and it was with his foresight that the club joined the Welsh Photographic Federation (WPF) and the club had many external competition successors under his guidance until his passing in 2014.

Eventually the Institute buildings were closed down and refurbished to a different usage and EVCC moved into the Learning Action Centre, Ebbw Vale where we stayed until our merge with Tredegar camera club in 2020. 

Tredegar Camera Club was founded in November 1979 by 2 people who had a passion for photography. The 2 members promoted the club which led to it quickly expanding to form an active club. It became a place where keen photographers came to join to be part of the Welsh Photographic Federation.

Tredegar Camera Club was recognised by the Welsh Photographic Federation, which to led to members displaying their images in prestigious exhibitions in Cardiff and Cwmbran. Throughout the club’s 41-year history they have tried to provide members with a positive experience where they introduced a variation of programmes such as having guest speakers and slide and print evenings.

 Tredegar Camera Club embraced the advancement of the digital age of photography by obtaining a grant from the Communities First programme. The grant allowed the club to purchase new technology to keep up to date with the ever-growing development of the digital world of photography.